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Progressive Group International

Talent Acquistion, Progressive Group International

As a team member of The Progressive Group, you will be a part of the largest association of agents and agencies of its kind, with representatives in all 50 states.

We are the leader in the mortgage life industry. We are looking for a self - starter who can build and manage his or her own business and complement our team of sales all - stars. If you have the horsepower to take over this critical position, hit high standards, and grow fast with our company click the "I'm Interested" button.

We realize a compensation package needs to be aggressive to continue to build our all-star team. We promote based on performance, not tenure. Expect $75,000+ your 1st year with tremendous income potential.

The products in the portfolio are the most innovative in the industry from highly rated carriers, such as Mutual of Omaha.

Why We Make a Good Match

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We invest in your success by providing marketing and lead-generation support as well as ongoing training and career development. As a team member of The Progressive Group you will be a part of the largest association of agents and agencies of its kind.

How the selection process works

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  1. Title

  2. Congratulations!

    First, cheers to you for having someone who thought enough about your background to invite you... not everyone makes it!

  3. Get to know us

    Review the information on this page and evaluate if you think that this might be a good fit. Make sure you watch the video, it gives you many details.

  4. Take the next step

    Take the next step and click the "I'm Interested" button or the "Get in Touch" button. Please input your email and phone number. Insert NA for organization.

  5. Schedule an interview time

    Schedule an interview time to speak with the hiring manager and get your questions answered.

  6. The Interview

    By this time you know if you want to be a part of the team. This will be the time for final questions and our decision.

  7. On boarding

    If selected, you will work with our New Agent Coaches, New Agent Mentors, and local team members to get you up and running within 7 days.

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